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Was Alexander Great? The Life, Leadership, and Legacies of History’s Greatest Warrior

Wellesley College

This course is one of the most challenging I've taken, but Professor Guy Rogers' love for the subject keeps you interested until the very end. I have grown to love the subject just through the Professor's ability to tell a good story. He is so knowledgable about the subject and passionate that you will enjoy it!
Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade

Mt. San Jacinto College

Challenging but great! I love to write and this course was just the refresher I needed to get my writing back on track! Grammer and Composition have never been so much fun!
Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets

Brown University

This has to be one of the best courses I've taken so far. Professor Alcock is both humorous at times and when appropriate, serious. The course material is interesting and the assignments are varied enough to be thoroughly interesting! It was a fascinating study!
Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul


This class was challenging but informative. Professor Nasrallah is an excellent teacher for this course.  I thought it would be a class about religion, but it was so much more! Her passion for the subject was reflected in her teaching style and it made all the difference in learning about this infamous apostle! Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul  
Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is a very good overview of Philosophy. Professor Hare is very good at explaining the different Philosophers over time and the big questions that we all ask. This is a very worthwhile course to take to prepare one for critical thinking, the art of the argument, etc!