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MBA Online
I found the experience very different from studying at a full-time college. There was no real social aspect. However it was possible to learn rapidly about the subject I need to master for my profession. Helpful tutors were always available if I needed them. And most important of all, it cost me much less as I could keep my job and the fees themselves were lower than they would have been at a full-time university. So altogether a very satisfactory and fruitful experience. Surya Teja Manepali , Andrea Pradesh, India I am a former student of The Global Business School, Oxford and I would recommend their programs to any student ; excellent instructors and administrative services with excellent programs. Fernando Renna Cambridge Ontario Canada '' I would like to thank The Global Business School, Oxford for guiding me through my MBA. Learning via moodle (online platform) was very interesting especially when you sit in a different part of the world, but the lecturers always had time to guide you .. They are great bunch of professionals who are very keen to see all the students accomplish what they have started with them. Thank You.'' Menik U Perera ( Australia and Sri Lanka)