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Was Alexander Great? The Life, Leadership, and Legacies of History’s Greatest Warrior

Wellesley College

This course was obviously a labor of love for Professor Rogers; an intense and robust examination of the life and times of Alexander the Great.  However, his passion for the historical Alexander is such that it sometimes allows for the apocryphal Alexander to march in. Nevertheless anyone who enjoys ancient history in general or Alexander in particular should take this course; they won't be disappointed.   
The Music of the Beatles

University of Rochester

For whatever unique legal reasons, the University of Rochester cannot play the music (even snippets) of Beatles music to accompany/ illustrate the lectures. This is like a visual art course being unable to show any of the works being discussed. In lieu of music, Professor Covach doggedly tries to make his lectures as vividly informative as possible...which only serves to make the absence of music even more apparent.
The Ancient Greeks

Wesleyan University

I'm currently taking this course (for a second time) at Coursera. I particularly enjoy Dr. Szegdy-Matzak's somewhat constrained yet thoroughly engaging lectures. He obviously adores his field of study and his manner elicits a mutual regard toward a most delightfully formidable subject...that's forever challenging.
The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future

Emory University

Intense examination of the biblical world. Dr. Wright is certainly an astute scholar. While his lectures/ the course material are sometimes daunting and intricate, it's all quite intellectually stimulating for eager students of this subject. 
Ancient Egypt: A history in six objects

University of Manchester

A neatly focused if perfunctory examination of Ancient Egypt's sprawling history. However, the course serves as a casually delightful sampler regarding deeper study into Egyptology.